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Welcome! We created this website to showcase our incredible collection of Virtual Reality Domain Names that we have for sale. Many of our domain names are highly brandable and have huge marketing potential. Take a look around and come back often as we are always adding new domain names.

There are many possibilities for VR technology, including Games, Apps, Dating, Tourism, Cruises, Toys, Travel, Space Exploration, Advertising, Architecture, Sports & Activities, Support and Abuse, Adult Entertainment, Painting, Hardware (Virtual Headsets, Tablets, Exoskeletons) and the list goes on with new announcements each week.

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VR Domain Names

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Virtual Headsets & Hardware

There are several virtual reality hardware developers and more are popping up every week. Here is just a list of the most popular companies, projects and hardware that are either coming soon or are already available in stores!

Oculus Rift
Samsung Gear VR
Sony PS4 Project Morpheus
Carl Zeiss VR One
Microsoft HoloLens
Avegant Glyph
Google Cardboard
Razer OSVR
Sulon Cortex
Google Cardboard
Visus VR
Mattel View-Master
3D Head
Virtuix Omni

Virtual Reality Content Developers

There are hundreds and possibly thousands of VR companies who are currently developing software for many of the virtual headsets above. Later in 2015 and 2016, the virtual reality industry is going to explode with content and hardware. If you're a developer or plan to become one, owning the perfect domain name to promote your company and/or products is essential to your success. Take charge of your future and find your perfect domain name!

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If your company is currently working in the online dating industry and plans to keep up with new technology, Virtual Reality Dating will be important for your company to pursue to continue being successful. The online dating industry is growing each year and becoming more acceptable to those who dismissed it previously. When more headsets like the Oculus Rift, VIVE and HoloLens are available, it will only be a matter of time before singles turn to virtual reality dating. Purchasing this domain name will allow you to stay ahead of your competition and establish yourself as the #1 Online Dating site for Virtual Reality Dating. This domain is brandable, has incredible marketing potential and is the best domain name you can buy!
Improving the way we learn is always a good thing! Virtual Reality could be revolutionary for educating everyone of all ages. Our domain name VRClassRooms.com has a ton of potential to the right developer or investor!

VirtualHeadsets.com is one of the most desirable domain names in the Virtual Reality industry. There are several companies now developing Virtual Headsets and any company would benefit greatly by utilizing this domain name as a marketing tool for their future Virtual Headsets.
VirtualRealityExhibition.com is a little long, but descriptive and great for establishing a Virtual Reality Exhibition. There is always room for another Exhibition like GDC (Game Developers Conference), E3 Expo, 3D & Virtual Reality Expo in Japan, The IEEE Virtual Reality Conference, among others. Buy it today!
VirtualCruises.com would be ideal for any cruise ships who want to give potential customers a taste of what their cruises have to offer. People could experience a cruise out their own home before deciding to purchase their next trip!
VRMovieMaker.com has tons of potential for VR Movie software developers. Many future owners of virtual headsets and 360 degree cameras will look for a VR Movie Maker to stitch together their VR Home Videos or Professional Videos.
VirtualRealityToys.com has incredible potential to become the leading source for Virtual Reality Toys. This domain could target either Children Toys or Adult Toys. If you're a parent, imagine those long car rides! Your kids could be hooked up to Virtual Reality and playing with their favorite toys! They could have access to thousands of different toys, ultimately keeping them busy for your entire trip!
VRUniverse.com is another domain with great potential. It could be used for a number of purposes, including a portal for anything related to virtual reality or a game that explores the universe in virtual reality.
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